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Business is an important factor of every countries development. From the ancient age to modern age, numerous nations improve themselves by doing business activities among them. Modern age completely depends on business. No country can be developed without business activities. Every business company has their own business plan. But, they are all relying to each other. So, business and business related knowledge must have to be a good businessman.

Addressbazar is an Online Business Directory (Yellow Page) which will help and guide you to get vast of information’s of Bangladesh about numerous Business Communication Services , Business Directory , Advertising Agencies & Counselors, Advertising-Out Door, Break Bulk Agent, Custom House Brokers, Exporter, Importer & Inventor (Multi Products) and many others Business Houses related information’s.

For your convenience, Addressbazar listed particular address, city and country name, contact information, website info, description of every individual sub category of Business Houses related Bangladeshi information’s. Addressbazar always keeps update of their informative information’s for you. Thus, you can get updated Business Houses related information’s for both of your individual and professional needs. So, always keep an eye on Addressbazar for getting your necessary updates of Bangladeshi Business Houses related information’s.

All Business Categories
Advertising Agencies & Counselors
  129 Items
Advertising-Out Door
  14 Items
Break Bulk Agent
  3 Items
Business Communication Services
  41 Items
Business Directory
  15 Items
Cleaning Services
  17 Items
Clearing & Forwarding Agents (C&F)
  154 Items
Commission Agents
  9 Items
Courier Services
  75 Items
Custom House Brokers
  35 Items
Digital Marketing Agency
  1 Items
Exhibition, Fair & Conference Organizer
  9 Items
Exporter, Importer & Indentor (Multi Products)
  750 Items
Freight Forwarders
  21 Items
Hire Purchase
  4 Items
Hologram Manufacturers / Suppliers
  6 Items
House Keeping Services
  2 Items
Inspection Agency
  25 Items
International Freight Forwarders
  124 Items
Logistic Support
  21 Items
Manpower Recruiting Agency
  81 Items
Marketing Programs & Services
  54 Items
Marketing Research Agencies
  19 Items
Marriage Consultants
  10 Items
Office Automation & Communication
  25 Items
Security Monitor
  2 Items
Security Services
  45 Items
Sign Board, Display & Balloon Neon
  20 Items
Surveyors & Inspection
  20 Items
Tender Bidder
  6 Items
Tender Information Provider
  2 Items
Trade Directory
  19 Items
Translator & Interpreter
  3 Items
Yellow Pages
  5 Items
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