Hardware & Metal

In this technology based world, metal is the very important factor in our daily life. We can not think industrial life without metal. Now, we can see different skyscrapers, houses, industries in all over the world. Metal is the skeleton of these buildings. Without metal no building can be build or if build their stability will be very low. As we do not think about the building, we should remember that no things in this world are not erosion free, and unlimited lasting life. They need to be repair. So, Hardware & Metal are the essential for our daily life and usually we need them for every technology steps.

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All Business Categories
  11 Items
Aluminium Fabricator
  15 Items
Aluminium Products Manufacturer, Dealer & Seller
  48 Items
  57 Items
Casting Materials (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous)
  1 Items
Ci & Gi Sheets
  11 Items
Die Casting
  1 Items
Engineering Workshop
  32 Items
Engines-Diesel & Parts
  5 Items
  5 Items
Garden & Lawn Equipments & Tools
  19 Items
Glue, Gum, Resin
  3 Items
Graphite & Graphite Products
  5 Items
Hardware & Machinery
  90 Items
Iron, Pig Iron & Steel Products
  14 Items
M S Rod, Angle, Bar etc.
  9 Items
  1 Items
Metals Non-Ferrous & Alloys
  6 Items
Pipe Manufacturers
  13 Items
Pipes & Tubes
  29 Items
Steel Bar/Rod/Angle Sales Center
  12 Items
Steel Fabricator
  6 Items
Steel Mills
  36 Items
Steel Structure
  1 Items
Steel/Stainless Steel Super Alloys
  6 Items
Steel/Stainless Steel-Rolled Products
  20 Items
Tin Printing & Container
  4 Items
Tube Well & Stainer
  4 Items
Valve & Corks
  1 Items
Weldinng Electrodes & Equipments
  5 Items
Zinc Ingot
  5 Items
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