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An organization is a social group which dispenses different tasks for a collective aim. The word organization is derived from “organon”, a Greek word. Its better known word is ergon (we know as organ) which means “a booth for a particular work”. There are different types of lawful organizations, such as corporations, governments and non-government organizations, not-for-profit corporations, international organizations, charities, armed forces, cooperatives partnerships, and universities. These organizations are concurrently fulfilling public duties, and increasing commercial market action.

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Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh
  15 Items
  32 Items
Bangladesh Mission Abroad
  60 Items
Co-operative Society
  5 Items
Companies of EPZ
  89 Items
Foreign Mission Working for Bangladesh
  25 Items
Foreign Missions in Bangladesh
  49 Items
Foreign Trade Center
  22 Items
International and UN Organizations
  22 Items
International Chamber of commerces
  150 Items
International Donar Agencies
  18 Items
  74 Items
Sector Corporations
  41 Items
Share & Security Business
  26 Items
Shippers Council
  16 Items
Social Research
  3 Items
Social Welfare Organisations
  6 Items
Sports Federation
  3 Items
Voluntary Organization
  2 Items
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