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Garments Sector in Bangladesh is rising high. The demand of Swing Machine also gets increased. Shohagh enterprise starts to import, sell and Rent swing machine in Bangladesh. with customer satisfaction and their own goodwill, Shohag Enterprise becomes one of the most reliable business enterprise in this field since 2000. Renting Swing Machine is the key of our business. Exceptional service is the ground of our success.

We Believe in Trust, We Believe in responsibility. Our Responsibility is to make you trust us.

Shoahag enterprise is the sole agent of MAQI brand Today. MAQI is the no-1 chainess brand in Bangladesh. MAQI is the global sewing machine maker and a very Well-known Chinese Brand. MAQI’s mission is; to make industrial sewing machine more advanced and more convenient. MAQI’s central view is; to focus on customers’ value.

MAQI’s main products are: lock stitch, over-lock, interlock, chain stitch, bar-tacking, button-attaching, button-holing,pattern sewing,heavy-material zigzag sewing machine, servo control system etc. MAQI is yours, mine and ours! MAQI is the Brand that we can trust. It’s one of the best brands in China; as well as in the world.
‘’Dress the world with passion!”; that’s the motto what MAQI believes in.

Shohag Enterprise is a Reliable Enterprise in Garment Manufacturing Industry.
Shohag Enterprise Imports, Sells and Rents Branded Swing Machine in Bangladesh.
It is now the sole Agent of MAQI, A qualitative/Reliable Chinese Brand of Swing Machine.
Shohag Enterprise starts their journey Since 2000.

Our customers are our business partners, their satisfaction is our aspiration; The business Enterprise believes in this.Stock Available.

Corporate office:
111 Yea Khaja Bhaban, 1st Floor, 1 No Super Market, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216.

14-15 Yea Khaja Bhaban, 1 No Super Market, Mirpur-1,
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MAQI brand

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