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Computer is the most precious invention of modern science. We can not think modern technology world without computer. Internet is a worldwide system by which we can interconnect different computer networks. It mainly makes use of the standard Internet Protocol Suite (IP/TCP) to serve up billions of users globally. Day by day, popularity of Computer & Internet is increasing in the world. They have become a part and parcel in both our personal and official life. The importance of Computer & Internet in our modern technology life has no limit. Modern world's development activities will be stopped without Computer & Internet.

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Jewel Aich
Magician +880-2-8933666, 8933777
Bangladesh Magic School.
Magician 088 01711 037626 , 01552 481743
Playing Cards & Magic Store BD
Magician 01681409711
Madina The Monthly
Magician +880-2-7114555, 7119235

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