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Every man's eye power is not same. It varies among the persons. So to recover the original eye power, sometimes physician advice suffered person to take Optical Frame & Lenses. On the other hand, photo is an important thing for our daily life. We can put our special moments by taking photos. Moreover, now in every official sector we need own recent photos to recognize the original applicant. So, in those ways the importance of Optical & Photo are uncountable. Sometimes, one may need Optical Stores, Photo Colour Lab's information.

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Top Companies

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Hassan Book Depot
Library +880-2-9570630-1
Ideal Library
Library +880-2-9672785
Euro Elevator Technology
Library +880-2-8829701, 01819-208034
Community Development Libary (CDL)
Library +880-2-8113769, 8110495
Goethe Institute
Library +880-2-9126525-6
Popy Laibrary
Library +880-2-9572280, 9569483
M.C.M. Library
Library +880-2-9566450, 01711-382268
Library +880-2-8112441
Al-Amin Library Law Book Center
Library +88-01716-335607
Vertex Lifts Ltd.
Library +880-2-8827714, 8857398, 8853181

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