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Telecommunication is the broadcast of information in excess of important distances to correspond. In former times, telecommunications mainly involved the make use of visual signals, for example smoke signals, beacons, semaphore telegraphs, optical heliographs, and signal flags, or lung-blown horns, audio messages through coded drumbeats, or sent via loud whistles, for instance. In the up to date age of electronics and electricity, telecommunications currently also contains the use of electrical devices for example the telephone, telegraph, as well as the use of microwave and radio communications, also fiber optics and their related electronics, as well as the use of the Internet and the orbiting satellites.

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Top Companies

Name Category Phone
Towfique Motors
Automobile Parts & Accessories +880-2-8813054, 8817277
Pioneer Auto
Automobile Parts & Accessories +880-2-9349761
Bengal Autos
Automobile Parts & Accessories +880-2-882547
Yumex Autos
Automobile Parts & Accessories +880-31-724115, 815911
Adiva Motors
Automobile Parts & Accessories +880-2-9361857
Jewel Motors
Automobile Parts & Accessories +880-2-8350322, 9341331
Nazmoon Motors
Automobile Parts & Accessories +880-2-9891967
Shahnaz Traders (Pvt.) Ltd.
Automobile Parts & Accessories +880-2-8351470, 8350886, 8350401
Fuji Battery
Automobile Parts & Accessories +880-2-9553631, 9568767
The Royal Motors
Automobile Parts & Accessories +880-2-9862134

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